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Tips for Relocating to a New Church Building

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Found a new place to move your church to? Congratulations on entering a brand new chapter in your story.

Now is the time to plan for your big transition. But there is no need to worry, as Church Building Consultants Realty has prepared this list of essential tips to guide you every step of the way.

  1. Keep your members informed and involved

    The first thing to remember is that your congregation should be privy to your intention to relocate as early as possible. Consider people’s sentimental attachment to your current church building, so give them ample time to process and accept the upcoming change.

    Informing your members about an impending move also gives you the ideal opportunity to keep them involved in the process. Being able to participate in a milestone like this is something that many of your members will likely appreciate.

    Their involvement can be as simple as providing insights and suggestions about the ideal location for a new church building, or as direct as joining as volunteers and designated committees to support the transition.

  2. Set a budget and raise funds to cover the costs of the move

    Money is going to be crucial in your relocation. From acquiring the new space for your church, to moving your essential equipment, supplies, and artifacts, several costs will be in play. Protect the interests of your church and its members by planning and staying within a sound budget.

    Defining your financial limits early will also inform you about whether you need to raise additional funds for the move. Fundraising activities are an excellent way to give your members an opportunity to be involved, as suggested in the previous item. These events will benefit you both on the level of the organization and of the individual.

  3. Establish a realistic timeline

    There will be several steps to complete and numerous moving parts throughout the relocation process, so bring out a calendar and plot out a clear timeline. Things can get overwhelming before you realize it, so starting with a defined schedule ahead of time will help you keep track of your progress at any point.

  4. Be transparent

    Communicating your relocation plans with your church members should be clear from the moment that you announce the move until it is time to actually relocate. This includes everything in between, from fundraising plans, to construction updates, and even challenges and struggles encountered along the way.

    Every church is structured to function as a tightly knit community that is built on trust, so be sure to make all members feel that way. This is especially important during a major change, such as an impending relocation.

    In addition to providing updates during your regular services, prepare updates that can be shared regularly via social media, email, or even traditional methods like flyers or print newsletters.

  5. Get to know your new community early

    In addition to communicating your plans and progress with your current congregation, take time to embed yourself in the community that you are moving into, as well.

    This presents another opportunity for you to involve the current members of your congregation. Invite them to join you in carefully planned outreach missions that will announce the arrival of your church in your new location. Engaging in goodwill projects will prove invaluable as you will directly benefit people in your new community, leaving a strong and positive impression as you ease into your transition.

  6. Give your congregation plenty of opportunities to visit the old site

    The transition from your current church building to the new one must not be abrupt. This change can be a very emotional affair for some members of your congregation, especially for people who grew up attending your services for most of their lives.

    Give your church members the chance to visit your church one last time and bid it a final farewell. Expand your schedule of masses and services so more people can attend before you move.

    Better yet, plan a grand celebration before you leave your current location. Most of your members have plenty of gratitude for your old church, so indulge them with the opportunity to express it. There is no better way to celebrate the closing of the current chapter of your journey, as well as the beginning of the next one, than with the community that you have spent years with.

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