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Three signs it’s time to sell or expand your church property

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There are only a handful types of real estate that evoke a certain feeling of timelessness. Churches, chapels, and other religious buildings give you that sense, like they are meant to be in that space forever.

On one hand, church properties can serve as the home of ministries and congregations for a long time. And as such, they become integral to community life. Some even become landmarks, even tourist attractions.

On the other hand, a ministry can grow an unprecedented rate over time. Needs and goals change. And just like how people outgrow their homes, ministries can outgrow their current church property as well. It could also be that the ministry has too much space in their disposal that downsizing is a wise decision.

How can you tell if it’s time to expand the church facility or move on and search for a new one? Here are a couple of signs to watch for.

  1. The space is no longer adequate

    Space plays an important role in the day-to-day operations of the ministry. It can dictate how many people you can accommodate in the congregation, as well as the kinds of community programs and events the ministry would like to initiate. And when the space available is not enough, the ministry’s activities and initiatives will be sorely limited.

    There are two ways to go about this. If there is some capacity for it, the church facility can be expanded to add more room. If this is not possible, however, due to other factors, the best option may be to relocate to a bigger property.

  2. The facility is showing signs of age

    Church properties are made to last. That said, they are still prone to wear and tear like all other kinds of real estate. And when the facility begins to show signs of age, the safety of everyone in the ministry may be compromised.

    A wide variety of problems can come into play. Mold can grow in poorly ventilated spaces. This can contaminate the air, resulting in allergies and other respiratory ailments. An aging church facility might also deal with structural issues.

    Such matters can be fixed by repairs and renovations. But if the church property is beyond saving, it is time to look for a new one that can guarantee that the ministry has a home in the foreseeable future.

  3. The congregation is growing

    During worship service, you might have noticed that the church looks a little fuller than usual. Attendance is higher, and more and more people are joining the congregation. There are a couple of things the ministry can do to accommodate everyone, but the space may be limited.

    Just like in the first instance, a renovation to expand the church facility can take place. Doing so will enable members of the congregation to attend service comfortably. It can even allow the ministry to hold multiple worship services in a day.

    But if that is still not enough, the better solution for the long term would be to move to a bigger church property, preferably one that can accommodate more people and have flexible spaces in case the ministry needs to hold additional services.

    Going bigger is not the only option when it comes to relocating the ministry. Instead of moving to a larger church property, there are ministries that opted to go the other way. That is they sold their existing church property and invested in multiple smaller locations spread across their community.

    Having multiple locations is convenient. Members will no longer have to travel a longer distance for worship and praise. They can go whenever they like to the location that is closer to their home or workplace.

It might be time to expand or sell the church property

Whether you choose to expand or sell the church property to purchase a better facility, rest assured it will be done to ensure your ministry’s growth and longevity.

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