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Five reasons to consider modular church buildings

Often applied to residential and commercial real estate, modular construction can also be used on church properties. It is not an entirely new thing, with modular churches and worship centers scattered not just in Illinois, but throughout the country. It might be a relatively cheaper option compared to traditional means of construction, however, modular construction can still provide a safe and customizable space for praise and worship.

Here are five other reasons why a modular church building is something you should consider as you look at churches and chapels for sale in the metro Chicago area.

  1. Construction takes less time to complete

    Modular church buildings, like other modular properties, are prefabricated. That means the components have already been constructed off-site. The only part of the process left is to construct it on-site. And since it is constructed in a controlled environment, the process isn’t subjected to the typical delays brought about by other factors such as inclement weather.

    A modular church building can still take a couple of months to finish, but compared to traditional church properties that can take years to build, this route is faster and more efficient.

  2. It can expand

    As your congregation grows, you will need a place of worship that can accommodate not just the churchgoers, but the needs of the congregation itself. And unfortunately, purchasing a bigger church property takes time as well as funds.

    If you opt for a modular church building, you can stay in that space and customize it to fit the congregation’s current needs. And as more people come to worship, you can contact your contractor to add more modules, thereby increasing the space. You can create bible study classrooms, meeting spaces, a pantry, and offices should the need arise.

    With a modular church building that can grow and flourish with your congregation, you will be able to establish its presence in the community and invite more people to become a part of it.

  3. It can be good for the environment

    If your congregation is conscious about environmental impact, a modular church building can ease some of the collective’s worries. Since modular buildings take place in a controlled environment, materials are used more effectively and accurately.

    Builders are also able to spot issues and resolve them on-site. This leads to reduced numbers in wasted materials, lesser packaging, as well as lesser additional costs on your part in case the contractor needs to order more supplies.

    There is another benefit in constructing a building in a controlled environment. Since everything is more or less already in the same space, contractors are able to make significant cuts in their carbon emissions.

  4. They comply with safety standards

    Like most of other modular buildings, modular church properties are subjected to strict regulations to ensure their safety. This safety isn’t limited to the people who will eventually use the building. It extends to the builders as well, given that modular church buildings are constructed in a controlled setting.

    Each material and module used in construction undergo rigorous quality testing. This not only ensures they are safe to use, but they are durable and strong to withstand the elements.

  5. It is cost-effective

    Modular church buildings are flexible, customizable, and sustainable without costing as much as traditional church properties. Construction can range anywhere between $60 to $80 per square foot. And given the shorter construction time and its ability to change according to the church’s needs, the overall cost will not hurt the congregation’s finances.

Looking for a new home for your ministry?

A modular church building might be just what your ministry needs. But before you proceed, it is best to know about all of your options.

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